What will my child’s first three years in the program look like?

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Kindergarten to grade three is an essential three years of schooling where we develop a knowledge base foundation for future grades.
In the years Kindergarten to Grade Three the emphasis is on acquiring systematic phonemic awareness and phonics. Once phonetic decoding skills are introduced, fluency is developed. Fluency refers to flow, speed and accuracy in identifying words and context. Through direct instruction students become aware and practice a variety of comprehension strategies.

In Kindergarten to Grade Three children are guided through the writing process from teacher supported writing activities. In addition, students begin developing public speaking skills through monthly poetry recitations.


In the early years expertise and understanding are developed through daily practice of the fundamental elements of mathematics. There is a strong emphasis on building basic math skills with numbers and operations.


French instruction begins in Grade One. Students are provided with 150 minutes p/week of instruction. Students are acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitude they need to communicate in French.


The program emphasizes the ability to reason, which is based on a foundation of previous knowledge and of understanding and observations that leads to a process of decision-making and evaluation. A greater emphasize is placed on learning the subject specific vocabulary at each grade level.


Students will have opportunities to experience the structure and discipline of music, art and physical education.

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