The St. Albert Cogito program started in September of 2003. A small, committed group of parents were both the impetus and the reason for the program to come to St. Albert. Elmer S. Gish School was chosen as the host site as it had ample space to accommodate the new program. Elmer. S. Gish School isĀ in St. Albert Public Schools.

St. Albert Cogito started with three classes. The classes were a grade 1/2 split, a grade 3/4 split and a grade 5/6 split. The total number of students in all three classes was 53.

In 2007, the first St. Albert Cogito Junior High class was formed at the grade 7 level. Three years later the first St. Albert Cogito grade 9 class graduated from Elmer S. Gish School.

Currently, there are over 500 students actively enjoying and participating in the St. Albert Cogito learning experience. This now spans from kindergarten through to grade 9.

With a strong foundation, dedicated stakeholders and a committed school district, the future is bright for the St. Albert Cogito Program.

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