Grade 7-9


The Junior High Cogito Language Arts program focuses on the development of reading comprehension and the clear expression of ideas with complexity and sophistication. We strive to inspire in students an appreciation for language by using a broad and rich body of knowledge developed through the use of diverse, well written, and meaningful works of literature.

Students build a strong foundational knowledge of the English language and apply that knowledge in meaningful reading and writing situations.  A systematic approach using explicit instruction, and building on the foundational knowledge of spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and syntax help students become proficient communicators.  In-depth critical and creative thinking fosters in students a mastery of the craft of writing.


The Junior High Cogito Social Studies program focuses on building a solid foundation of historical and geographic thinking through the development of critical thinking skills, while reinforcing research and inquiry skills. Students build a more extensive knowledge base of historical events and issues, and analyze subject content using research-based inquiry processes and critical thinking skills. Independent reading and comprehension skills are a key component of this program to encourage in-depth discussion and understanding of enhanced curricular concepts.


In Junior High Cogito Science, students are instructed both directly and through discovery.  Student generated questions and exploration are regularly encouraged.  Scientific method, lab experimentation, direct lecture, demonstration, review questions and vocabulary are used to present the required curriculum, and then encourage further interests.


In Junior High Cogito Math, we use Saxon Math series of textbooks.  The program uses a spiral approach to the curriculum.  It introduces a new concept per lesson then regularly revisits old concepts each lesson.  Testing is done regularly (every 5 lessons) and there is a greater emphasis on vocabulary.  Each grade level curriculum is enriched with concepts beyond provincial expectations. Rigorous practice through daily homework reinforces concepts taught in class almost daily.

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