Does the Cogito Program Fit my Family?

If you answer “yes” to all or most of these questions, then Cogito may be a good fit for your family.

  1. The school curriculum emphasizes  learning subject specific knowledge before applying the concepts to new situations.
  2. Field trips should be minimal and always related to what students are studying.
  3. The school curriculum should guide what is taught in the classroom rather than adjusting for individual needs.
  4. Teachers and schools should emphasize academics, hard work, and respect for authority.
  5. Homework should be an extension of what children are taught during the school day, and be part of a daily routine during the school week.
  6. A math program emphasizing memorization of basic facts and terminology, and sequence instruction based on previously learned concepts leads to success.
  7. Frequent objective testing is the best way to determine what students know.
  8. Assessment of student knowledge is best reported as letter grades or percentages.
  9. Reading & spelling skills should be taught using phonics based instruction.
  10. Children learn best in a structured orderly classroom with clearly defined classroom rules and consequences.
  11. Children can achieve academic success when they are in an environment that emphasizes strong work habits and organizational skills.
  12. A parent’s role in education is to provide support, encouragement, and be involved with their child’s learning.
  13. On average children perform better when involved in one or two extra-curricular activities outside of school during the school year.
  14. Students are successful when they master certain key material before moving on to learn new material.
  15. Students are most successful when they feel responsible for their own learning.
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