Cogito Approach

Focused on Academic

  • Offers an expanded curriculum in structured classrooms. Students develop effective work habits, accuracy, confidence and pride. They achieve high levels of academic success.
  • Emphasis is placed on mental and written math skills, history, geography, grammar and penmanship.
  • Early literacy is supported by direct teaching of phonics, beginning in Kindergarten.
  • Classical and modern literature expands student learning and provides excellent models for their writing.
  • French as a Second Language instruction begins in Grade 1.
  • Teacher-directed instruction to the whole group is emphasized.
  • Regular homework is assigned at all levels to provide consistent practice with skills and concepts.
  • Memory skills and confidence are developed in preparing for recitations and presentations.
  • Parents are expected to support and be involved with their child’s learning.
  • Student uniforms reflect the structure of the program and foster a “dress for success” attitude.
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